Esprit Luxury Homes operates as an internet editor and services provider for owners, property managers and selected agencies. Esprit Luxury Homes is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, accident, theft or robbery caused to renters, their relatives or to their properties during their holiday, in both the rented property and elsewhere.

Esprit Luxury Homes does not accept responsibility for any type of direct or indirect damage caused by the use of its website and the information contained in it or by the use of websites connected or associated with Esprit Luxury Homes.

Both owners and persons using the Esprit Luxury Homes website to search for accommodation are personally accountable for the results of their searches. Responsibility for the use of the information available in Esprit Luxury Homes´ website remains entirely with the user. In addition, Esprit Luxury Homes acknowledges that inaccuracies and typographical errors are possible. Any errors are corrected as quickly as possible.

Esprit Luxury Homes attempts to verify that all written and photographic information on the website is accurate and up-to-date. However, regular maintenance may be required on properties. Maintenance issues are scheduled during vacant periods whenever possible but we cannot guarantee this will not effect your visit.

Owners have the right to modify without forewarning the prices quoted for their properties but once a property is rented (paying the deposit confirms the rental) the prices agreed to can not be modified in anyway whatsoever. The terms and conditions for each property are listed on the pricing page of each property. Those terms and conditions are the binding conditions for each property and we suggest you read them carefully.

Esprit Luxury Homes is solely a temporary intermediary between property owners and persons wishing to rent accommodations. Once the booking phase of the rental is completed (for some properties that is the initial deposit payment and for other properties we collect the full payment), the owners are entirely responsible for concluding the agreement in keeping with the terms established in the booking. This includes terms and conditions of payment, if the final payment is to be collected directly by the owner. Owners are therefore advised to control the personal details of each potential guest.